Catering menu

lift and fit breakfast

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • Low-fat parfait
    Low-fat parfait $4.99

    A bountiful bowl of layered low-fat yogurt, homemade granola, nuts, raisins, sun-dried cranberries with fresh berries.

  • tropical fresh fruit
    tropical fresh fruit $4.99

    seasonal fruit salad with mixed berries

  • Whole fruit basket
    Whole fruit basket $4.99

    Sweet oranges, assortment of red delicious and granny smith apples, bananas and seedless grapes

griddle delights

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • Belgian waffles
    Belgian waffles $5.99

    With cinnamon and powdered sugar.

  • Caramelized Challah French Toast $5.99

    Served with maple syrup

  • Buttermilk pancakes
    Buttermilk pancakes $4.99

    Served with French butter and maple syrup

hearty breakfast

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • jumbo english muffins $7.49

    organic scrambled eggs, spinach, and feta cheese.
    Organic scrambled eggs, ham and gruyer cheese.
    Organic egs whites, crispy bacon and cheddar cheese.

  • grilled whole wheat breakfast wraps $6.99

    scrambled eggs, turkey bacon and melted cheese.
    Scrambled eggs, mushrooms, sauteed spinach and feta.
    Egg whites, mixed vegetabkes and diced tomatoes.

  • Egg white delight wrap $7.99

    egg white, avocado, cucumber, kale, goat cheese

breakfast platter

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • breakfast platter $5.49

    an arrangement of freshly baked miniature pastries:
    Muffins, bagels, croissants, danishes and english scones,
    granished with seedles grapes and driscoll's strawberries.
    Served with butter, cream cheese and fruit preserves.

  • mini bagel platter $4.49

    delicious assortment of our freshly baked miniature bagels served with imported french butter, fruit preserves and assorted cream cheese.

  • smoked norwegian salmon $12.99

    an elegant display of thinly sliced nova scotia smoked salmon, garnished with capers, shaved red onions, tomatoes, kalamata olives, persian cucumbers served with freshly baked mini bagels and assorted cream cheese.

  • breakfast sandwiches $8.49

    a fines assortment of breakfast tea sandwiches:
    -smoked norwegian salmon, dill cream cheese, persian cucumbers and capers
    -Fresh mozzarella, tomato, basil with sun-dried tomato. pesto on french baguette.
    -Turkey ham, brie cheese and dried fig jam.
    -french bread with honey, peanut butter and banana.



price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • brakfast package 1 $7.49

    -Breakfast Platter
    -Hot Coffee Service

  • brakfast package 2 $9.49

    -Breakfast Platter
    -Hot Coffee Service
    -Fresh-squeezed orange juice

  • brakfast package 3 $11.49

    -Breakfast Platter
    -sliced fruit and mixed berries
    -hot coffee service
    -fresh-squeezed orange juice (add $1.50 per guest)

  • breakfast packages 4 $14.49

    -Breakfast Platter
    -create your own low-fat yogurt parfait
    -hot coffee service
    -fresh-squeezed orange juice

healthy avocado toast

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • avocado toast $6.49

    with feta cheese and mint

  • smoked salmon avocado toast $9.49

    with red onions

  • feta cheese scallions avocado toast $6.49
  • autumn avocado toast $6.99

    apple, walnuts, crumbled blue cheese

bakery bar

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • almond croissant $4.00
  • assorted muffin $2.50
  • almond chocolate corissant $4.00
  • croissants $3.50
  • apple turnover $4.00
  • cheese danish $4.00
  • fruit danish $4.00
  • raisin danish $4.00
  • english scones $3.00
  • pound cake $2.99

Hot beverages

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • Dark roast coffee $2.50
  • Decaffeinated coffee $2.50
  • assorted teas $2.50
  • hot chocolate $3.50

Cold beverages

price per person (minimum 6 guests)

  • all natural juices $2.49

    cranberry - apple - grapefruit - orange

  • iced coffee service $3.50

    Our signature tasty dark roast regular or decaf

  • cold brew $4.50
  • iced tea service $3.50

    regular or green tea

  • assorted beverages $1.99

    bottles spring water, canned soda and iced tea

  • healthy beverages assortment $3.99

    honest tea, vitamin water, coconut water

  • Fresh-squeezed orange $3.99

    a selection of fresh orange or grapefruit juices